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Specialized tarot card readings to forecast love, career, relationships, or life in general! Looking for broad guidance or the answer to a specific question? Want to know how this week, month, or year will go? Want to know if you should make a career move, or make the moves... Tarot is the perfect way to sort any of that out!

Looking for something else new and unique? Choose Karma Cards to use astrology instead! Karma Cards are designed to answer either "What will be the outcome… (of a situation)?" or "What should I do… (about, because of, with, to,)... (any situation)?" Just make sure you’re ready for the answer, because with a Karma Card reading, you’re certain to get it! Each reading contains three cards: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical, and when put together you get an individual reading with an answer just for you.


I have been reading the decks for over ten years, and I am brand new to the Online Psychic Network scene! I have the special ability to let the cards do the talking, and the reading is always personal, intuitive, and telling. In addition to tarot card readings, I also read Karma Cards, which use astrology to read your future. Let me use my unique skills to answer your questions about love, life, career, or almost anything else you want to know about where you might be headed…

You can also find me on Facebook, where I have gotten wonderful responses on my readings! Don’t hesitate to contact me for your reading today!

I only do readings via email at this time, because my schedule is just too crazy to be able to provide consistent times via telephone. You can submit an email to me at any time, day or night, and receive a custom reading within 48 hours!

My email address is

I will send you a PayPal bill for your services (see Tumblr account listed below for the wide range of options to suit you best), and once payment has been confirmed, you will receive your reading! It really is as easy as that!

You can find much more detail at:

Or on Facebook:

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