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I am a 4th generation psychic of Romany (Gypsy) decent with over 25 years experience. I offer compassionate and intuitive tarot card readings. I am also empath and will connect to your energy while reading to give more clarity and understanding. I will provide a compassionate and intuitive tarot reading please do not expect sugar-coating, I am blunt and honest, so don’t ask if you really don’t want to know.

I also scry through the use of crystal ball and pendulum.

I can answer your questions & give you guidance, comfort and hope. I am honest and natural in my approach and will call on my guides to help you approach your problems and find solutions.

I am especially helpful in matters of love, passion and fidelity. I am also very adept in matters of work, health and family.

I am a natural healer and will send healing energy with every reading.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

From a very early age it was clear I was Clairsentience and Claircognizance, I would run away from people because they felt bad or I knew that something was not right with them. As I grew I became aware of hearing voices and noises which I thought of as normal (clairaudience), and seeing things which others were unable to see clairvoyance. I am very proud of my roots, I am of Romany decent and am born from a long line of clairvoyants. I have natural psychic ability and can connect with spirit for you to give you the answers that you need.I have good clairvoyant abilities, I read Tarot, Angel Oracle cards, palms, tea leaves and numerology.


My psychic journey began at a very early age. My Great Grandmother herself a Romany Gypsy taught me the now fading art of tea leaf reading and palmistry.

She passed her natural gift on to my grandmother and mother, I too have her natural gift. I am an empath and very sensitive to the emotions and energy I feel from the people I read for. I am a talented psychic tarot reader and have may clients World wide. I always aim to be compassionate and understanding in my readings.

I still read tea leaves using the very same cup my Great Grandmother used all those years ago!

I scry through the use of my many crystal balls and pendulums, as well as reading palms, numerology, angel and oracle cards.

I am also a natural healer and will send out healing energy to you if you are in need of it, this I do out of love and compassion.

I am here to offer help and guidance I speak from the heart and will give you straight facts.

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