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As a Clairvoyant Medium or Claire-Intuit… I get images & words from ancestors & guides. I offer the use of tool interpretation like the tarot, as an Integrative approach. Expect Honesty. No sugar coating. That said I’m also very compassionate & supportive, so you do have my heartfelt support and concerns.

I’m able to accurately access a snapshot of your emotional connections, & outcomes.

Clients who will really benefit from my readings are people who are aware that we learn the meaning of life from what we go through. Someone who wants to empower themselves by seeing options.

Readings are like receiving a weather report to define it very basically. Letting you know the times when your journey will be sunny, or times of rain. I can help you as you travel on your journey by giving you some clarity.

I only take specific questions because of time restraints. This is my personal reading style. Each Intuitive will have one. Love.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Massage Therapist, Energy Worker

Meditation Coach


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 25 years experience in Professional Readings for people all over the world. Teaching Meditation & Healing work for over 15 years.


FLAT RATES 15min $15. 20min $20. 25min $30. 35min $40. 45min $50. 55min $60.

DAILY DEALS Structured for those who are getting to know me as a Consultant, who need to establish rapport & accuracy.

My offer of the Daily Deal:

11 min @ $10.00 Intro: 1st time only

15 min @ $15.00 (after 1st time intro) Regular flat rate


ASKING spirit for a Timeline: with this method the accuracy can go either way.

RECEIVING a Timeline WITHOUT asking: I have found this way to be more accurate.


Partial refunds only…

1. I will give you 50% refund, fairplay for your reason, and for my efforts.

2. If you go through your credit card company after the reading ends & claim Unauthorized or any other reason, expect me to contest it, ok? Fair warning.

3. The reason should be sufficient so as to not be that: you didn’t like what I said.

Acceptable reasons:

1. Technical difficulties

2. Need $ refund for food, bills etc

Take time to talk about your feelings rather than just ask for a refund for no reason. Readings are about receiving information good and not so great. Please be open minded.

By nature of the type of this service, it takes time to see how things unfold. All information can be helpful if you stay open to it.

My advice is to keep an eye on your own expectations of what you might hope to hear, especially in romance.


Rule no. 1 Psychics DON’T KNOW ALL, and don’t see all that is a misconception. Because someone is gifted, doesn’t mean they know everything.

Rule no. 2 Receiving a reading is about many things, predictions being only one of them. One can also gain clarity and wisdom by looking at the emotional and mental makeup of all parties involved.


I no longer give "Connections" as in one question, one answer because people have taken advantage of me. I’m sorry. Here is a link about making psychic "connections" & important to read when choosing to have a reading:

Read reviews, you will find out if any psychic is accurate or not.

"Expectations" are something we project onto & into situations. So release any expectations of the Outcome in a given reading, and just be ready to Learn. Best advice I can give.

Psychics are all different and have different gifts at different levels.

COMPARISON READINGS This is good to do, get different people’s take on your situation. But sometimes psychics will differ, when this happens on occasion please stay open minded, there might be something else going on from the style of the way someone reads to considering a new perspective about your situation.

I only share the truth, no sugar coating.

Peace ☮

Satiia (Kiora)

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