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I Am Straightforward, Honest, Nonjudgmental With Accurate Predictions And Timeframs


I am a born Clairvoyant who has been reading professionally for more than 25 years. I comes from a long line of psychics, spiritualists, Reiki masters and energy healer, who taught me how to accept, control and master my gifts. I take a brief moment to concentrate on your question and connect to your energy through your spirit vibrations. I use Tarot and Crystals as tools and describe my reading style as “clear, compassionate and understanding.” When Peachess shares her predictions and insights, I get confirmation from you, and also welcome your questions throughout the reading. While i specialize in resolving love and relationship issues, I enjoy working with a wide variety of topics. Callers “receive not only an accurate psychic reading, but also spiritual advice and words of guidance and encouragement.“I can feel your pain and emotion during the reading. I hope to give you a better understanding and outlook for your future to give you faith.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’m a true professional with 25 years experience with some of the most popular sites. Giving accurate predictions and timelines. A well-known psychic advisor and spiritualist. I am naturally gifted with the strong abilities of clairaudience, clairsentient and empath. I Specialize in Crystal Readings and tea cup readings Its the most accurate reading that tells all Also upon request I can do Astrology, Dream Interpretations and Angel Cards. A nonjudgmental reader. who’s a true gifted psychic looking to help others in need.


Tarot Card Reading $10- 3 Card Spread, 3 Questions.

Aura Reading $25/20Min- Ingenral Reading 5 Q’s Only Tells TimeFrames And Feelings.

Crystal Reading $35/30Min- Ingenral Reading Unlimited Q’s, Thoughts And feelings & Dream Interpretation.

Full Life Reading $65/50Min- Tells Past, Present And Future Indepth Psychic Reading Looks Into Thoughts And Feelings And TimeFrames Unlimted Q’s.

Chakra Reading $75


I am a compassionate person who helps you improve your ability to have love, happiness, and success. My readings are fast and direct so I don’t waste your valuable time and money. I use my intuition sharing with you what I see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience) and feel in my body (clairsentience) to help you understand what is going on. I really care about you so I frequently pray for my callers after our calls are over. My repeat callers tell me that their lives are improved for the better when working with me. That is what I want for you as well.

If you ask me to I will use crystals reiki or tarot cards, but I do not need to use them tools to ascertain what is going on I can simply connect to your energy as well. Lets Chat Now For A Better Tomorrow :) `

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