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BEFORE CALLING ME DO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE FOCUSED ON PARTICULAR 1 PROBLEM & DO NOT MISLEAD ME BY THINKING ABOUT SMTH OTHER WHILE ASKING THAT QUESTION, IF YOU DO, I ASK YOU TO CONFIRM MY VISIONS AND YOU TELL ME EXACTLY WHERE I GO ASTRAY TO CONNECT DEEPER! Clairvoyant is energy viewer & what energy is in you, I see it. I`m not Tarot card reader & for me to see, you need to guide me with your emotional attitude towards current question! Do not guide me by your EGO & negative past emotions, leading me astray from answer. YOU ARE BIGGEST PART OF ANSWER! And if you do not focus or feel non-related negativity, do not call me and later be angry "cause I didn`t connect". Clairvoyance consultations, such as finding of missing people & things,defining problems and salvation. Theory of Parapsychology and Law of Attraction; Mentoring in implementation of Law of Attraction and Clairvoyance

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If you are stupid, paper won`t help you, but if you are smart then papers is waste. I`m Clairvoyant in 5th generation, Teacher and Mentor of Parapsychology and Eastern Phylosophy, incorporating in my lessons Quantum Physics. No university will teach you it so, like my granparents – clairvoyants and black magicians.


If my memory works well, it`s been 14 years in problem finding and solving, people searching and finding and just curious fun. I don`t like to take from people reviews, hence I work for God and information He has given me about my client, not for "good review & more potential clients" I have enough clients, but can have more, because there is never enough for help.

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