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I have over 10 years PLUS PLUS experience helping people with their questions, issues, relationships, and decision making. Do you have questions about love/relationships, career, finances, or family? I am caring and understanding. I’m gifted in the following: Clairvoyant – which means I see things from the past and the future. Clairsentient – which means I feel things. I am very empathetic, so when I feel things its not just physical sensations. I experience the same emotions and reactions of the person that I am reading for. When I tell someone that “I understand how they feel” I truly mean it. Clairaudient – which means I hear things. But whats most important is a positive outlook in every matter of your life if you are open to hear the truth. I will not sugar coat things for you I will tell you what I see and nothing that I don’t.


10 years.

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