I can help you gain insight into something you are currently experiencing. Please read my profile.

I can offer guidance by helping you realize your ability to connect with a person through telepathy, other than the conventional five sense.

I can give predictions based on the energy I receive picked up in your dreams or and past and present experiences that should provide insight as to where your relationship is heading.

It’s possible to transmit messages such as thoughts, emotions and feelings toward another with the strength of your mind, more precisely with your Extra Sensory Perceptions (ESP). Telepathy comes from a Greek word where ‘tele’ means ‘distance’ and ‘patheia’ means ‘to be affected by.

BE ADVISED that Wile I can provide a solution that can remedy concerns I can not perform MIRACLES, QS.,like when will i win the lottery, and will I, Are beyond my capacity.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I studied a total of nine years in the area of Social Science/Psychology (BSc) and obtained a certificate in Social Sciences. My qualifications exceed beyond paper; an inheritance from my mother, grandma and grandpa, who saw me as a child (3 years old)crying in the middle of the night and pointing at a cupboard in our old house where we lived. My grandpa would rub me down with ointment in fear that i’d been possessed by a spirit who lived at the house before us. My grandpa investigated and found that a child had lived at the house before us; and had drowned in a well that was right in the spot where I was pointing at the cupboard. Since then, my mum would watch my grandma read tarot cards to local village neighbours, and spin coconuts to tell fortune. Now I have lucid dreams where i see dead people want to communicate with me. CALL ME and let me see how I can help you.


I have seen friends fall apart because of problems related to romance etc. With the aid of my dream analysis I have been able to help friends and family over come obstacles that stand in their way. I told a friend, who telephoned me once, that I’d seen her in my dream following me when I was getting off a bus. She was shocked and embarrassed, but giggled, then later confessed that she’d called me because she wanted to know how I was doing. Have you had similar events in your dreams; where someone you know or don’t know wants to get in touch with you? CALL ME and let’s find out. FREE for 5 Minutes.

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