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I am a Reiki Master. I do Native American Animal Spirit Tarot Card readings. I have done volunteer work with incarcerated Native Americans and I am also a Sun Dancer. I am Cherokee and became deeply interested in my Native American Spirituality about six years ago. While exploring this path my personal awareness began to open and I started having intuitive and paranormal experiences.

Investigating and learning about all the new experiences that were happening in my life led me to become a Reiki master. After becoming a Reiki master, I discovered I was able to give readings using the Animal Medicine cards or should I say they chose me.

I have many animal and spiritual beings around me and I am uplifted by the spiritual energies of these cards. I am always impressed every time I do a reading because I never know what I am going to be told. Reading for people is a very rewarding experience and I am grateful that God has given me this special gift in order to help people.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have Master Reiki attunements in Johrei, Usui, and Odin Reiki.

I can be found at Body, Mind, & Spirit Fairs in Kansas and Missouri. I can also be found at Whitelight Bookstore in Kansas City, MO. I also do fairs in Iowa and Oklahoma when able.


I participate in monthly Reiki sessions. I also participate in psychic venues in Kansas and Missouri.

I now have wireless so I should be able to connect with when you come online.

Please note: I do not accept unregistered clients unless you are willing to pay my fee.

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