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Regardless of how you order (live or email) SunTiger will connect on a deep and meaningful level. You may check my five star ratings here and on other sites to feel confident about hiring.

DIVINER: SunTiger can employ Tarot cards, the pendulum (Pallomancy), and/or Runes. You may request any of these services.

SHAMANISM: SunTiger intercedes on behalf of those vulnerable in the energetic and spiritual realms. (If you have a concern, ask and we can talk about it.)

DREAM ANALYSIS: Share as many details as you remember—every aspect of your dream has a special meaning that’s important to you!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Reiki Master, Gifted mystic working with Tarot, the Runes, the pendulum. Nationally certified & registered hypnotherapist.


I read Tarot, cast the runes, and work Pallomancy (the pendulum) because I really like helping people. There are so many times when life gets really confusing, or we really need to know what someone is thinking so we can navigate our behavior in the wisest way possible.

That’s what intuitive readings are all about after all. I’m here to help you understand the otherwise "unknown" influences happening around you.

This isn’t a parlor trick. I take my work very seriously. I have worked as an online Tarot Reader, Rune Caster, and Pallomancer on other sites too. I’ve worked as "Mystic SunTiger" or just "SunTiger" for many years.

I also teach metaphysical workshops in my home town and empowering other people to read Tarot, or otherwise trust their intuition, is really life-affirming for me.

If I can help you sort through the confusing waters in your life – well, I just feel like I did a great thing and that makes me feel really happy.


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