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As a Spiritualist Medium. I work by tuning into your guides and mine quickly, to help pinpoint any areas where you may need additional help, guidance and assistance. I can also tune into loved ones in spirit, to also add their input to your reading.

My readings can also help you with your spiritual path and can give guidance if you feel a little lost on this journey.

My extensive work in Parapsychology/Paranormal Investigation can help you with any stray spirits you may have.

I work with respect and honesty and expect the same from my clients, I will not tolerate rude, brash or abusive individuals. I do not offer free readings, I have bills to pay too!!

Please allow a minute or two for the chat window to open, as this can take a little bit of time.

You must be over 18 yrs of age to use this service. My readings offer guidance and are not intended to replace visits to Doctors or professional Counsellors.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have studied for one year at the London College for Psychic Studies and for four years at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England.


From childhood I have been able to feel spirits around me, although as a child I had no idea that this is what I was experiencing. It was only much later in life that I discovered that I could contact and speak with the spirits and even then by accident. From here I began to learn how I could control and enhance this ability, thus I studied at both the London College for psychic studies and Arthur Findley College in Stansted England. I have now been a working medium for over 10 years and have done platform demonstrations at various Spiritualist Churches up and down the UK, as well as private readings and platform demonstrations in France, America, Canada and of course at home in England.

The last three years I have taken part in many Parapsychology/paranormal investigations the breadth and width of the UK and have found this work to be both rewarding and fascinating.

I have also taught my own development circles and workshops and have helped a fair few mediums on their way on this incredible path.

IMPORTANT INFO: As a Medium I am merely a messenger of the information that is provided to me by spirit. I will NEVER tell you what you think you might want to hear. I will NEVER make up anything or lie, I WILL pass on what I am given. If you DON’T want to hear the TRUTH, then maybe you should pick someone else. I PROMISE you that I will only tell you the TRUTH. I cannot make a specific spirit contact me, so you may or may not hear from whom you expect to hear from.

Timings however, can never be guaranteed and are only given as a guide, I AM NOT A FORTUNE TELLER, I will give you a clear pure message from spirit ONLY and will not guess or try to make things fit. All I ask for in return is respect, politeness and most of all an open mind and heart for you to get the maximum benefit from a reading by me.

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