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Please do not tell me your questions at the outset. See profile updates below:

I will not take question on health realted matters whatsoever. Nor will I provide legal guidance; please see proper guidance from medical or legal professionals.

It’s very important to understand that I work differently. I do an initial spread with only your name, age (not date of birth) and location. I am an empath, find your energy in ‘the world’ and then in the cards. If I can see your story without input, we can begin charging. Please do not take advantage of my approach for a free reading. I would like to continue to work this way but often people get the details and then disconnect.

What I’ve learned in my decades of reading is this: anticipation and wanting to know outcomes before they’ve come to pass is human but for me, my abilities are limited to helping you understand your motivation, why it matters so much to you, and what your next steps might be to obtain the best possible outcome.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

BA in American History, MA in Modern American History, professional, guided readings.

I do not specialize in giving specific time frames, though I can give you a general sense, as I believe we all have free will. I do not answer "when, when, when?" questions, though I can recommend advisors who are excellent with these types of inquires. If you are seeking legal advice, please seek proper counsel, likewise with health and pregnancy issues.

PLEASE NOTE: I keep my prices low and am generous with my time because I want to get it RIGHT not FAST. I do an introductory spread on you to make sure I am seeing your situation clearly. If we are connected, we can proceed with a specific question/session. There are also often messages from my guides specifically for you.

My availability will soon shift to limited office hours.

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter answer to any situation. Please come to me only when you have time for the truth!


I grew up in the Midwest, in the cornfields of Illinois, where I entered college to study music. I have seen through situations for as long as I can remember. As a child with no other point of reference, I had no idea I was different. I did not understand that my ability to know the feelings of those around me is unique.

In truth, I wish I could tell you I understand all of my talents. I ignored them for as long as I could and am still on my own path of self-discovery. :) I don’t feel it a coincidence that you are here reading these words. I am online rarely and am tucked away among advisors. But if we connect, it is a conversation between me, my guides, the eternal, and you.

What I know is I do connect with others who have crossed over; they come forward if that is what is meant to happen. I know that if we connect, my guides will help me see your story, and help us look at the most important issue at hand.

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