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I am a Master Psychic and soul mate specialist, I have over 22 years experience, my readings are done with pin point accuracy gauranteed. I Have Helped reunite loved ones with great success as well as in all aspects of life. I offer a wide selection of services that one can choose from, such as psychic readings, astrology, soul mate charts, and capatibility readings, tarot card, dream interpertation, past life regression, aura analysis, chakra balancing, meditation, and crystal healing for the mind body and spirit. I have also been able to contact loved ones in the spirit world who have passed, if you are no longer able to communicate with a loved one that is no longer with you phsically allow me to help you communicate with them spirtually. With my 22 years of experience allow me to exercise my gift and ability by offering you a angel reading that will reveal the past just the way it was the present the way it is and predict your future the way it will be with complete accuracy and confidentiality.

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I am a 4th generation psychic and spirtualist, and a paranormal expert. I have traveled throughout the midwest in paranormal investigations, helping lost souls pass on. I do not choose my gift my gift has chosen me, I’ve experienced my gift at 7 years of age, and have been helping and guiding those who are in need of finding there soul mate, being able to help one to determine if he or she is compatible. I have intended expos for the mind, body, and spirit. I have also practiced at berkely in california. Not to mention all my time that I have spent in Sedona on holy and sacred grounds. I have also attended work shops and healing circles.


Amoung my thousands of experiences last but not least my far most top 3 best experiences that I will not forget, One being at Aunt Gales home 4th of july weekend 1974 where I met her childhood friend whom I’ve seen nor knew nothing about her. Aunt gale always feeling the need to show off little constance’s psychic abilitys. Where I began a reading feeling a overwhelming sensation of a strong feeling telling me and showing me a fire in this ladys home where I have never been but yet was able to clearly desribe her kitchen where I seen flames the smell of smoke surrounded me, I then warned her to be aware of this, a few hours later before leaving the 4th of july party a phone call came in for Aunt Gales friend saying that there was a fire at home in the kitchen. Everyone including myself was shocked. The second time being in highschool having a sleepover with girlfriends and my one girlfriend linda Nordine being heartbroken and devestated due to a sudden breakup between her and boyfriend Scott since midschool where I found myself dozing off as listening to her cry saying I cant believe we broke up from there it became very clear to me in a dream that I was in linda and scotts home where they had 3 children 2 boys and a girl that I woke up out of the dream reached over in my nightstand and pulled out my favorite deck of tarot cards that has been given to me by my grandfather and felt the urgency to do a intuitive tarot reading for linda. Where I seen that her and scott would reunite in college and have 3 children live on the water and would be very succsessfull and happily married. I am now still friends with linda who is happily married to scott after reuniting in colledge where they now have their 3 children brianna, matthew, and michael. And live in lake geneva wisconsin! Last but not least the most devestating and hurtfull being my own experience with the love of my life my husband of 14 years after experiencing marital problems in 2009 and seperating we got back together to reconcile in 2010 due to an overwhelming feeling telling me that I need to reconcile and give this another try because if not I would never forgive myself feeling an upredictable sensation that he would pass away. I did not know why I felt this way but I seen a vision one morning in bed of myself crying at his funeral telling myself maybe this wouldnt have happened if I was there and gave it a second chance. 11 months later after get back together and reconciling I found myself sitting in front of my vanity mirror blow drying my hair asking myself what if he passed away what would I do where would I go and how would I handle it with our family and an overwhelming need to comfort him during a simple sickness like bronkitis where I found myself 3 days later at the ER where he was pronounced deceased. The one thing I was happy about that I listened to my inner feeling and gift and I was with him during his last days. Somtimes in life there are great times and bad times but as your spirtual advisor I am here to guide you through the good and bad.

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