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Hello greetings

10 days ago

Hello my name is Ashleigh just need some insight and guidance on a couple things In recent times I have been going through spritual awakening and I have discovered I’m a really strong empath Nd also have strong psychic gifts Nd mediumship/channeling gifts too..I have divine guidance from the heavenlys at times it can be very strong Nd powerful at times Nd quiet amazing but neways my question is sometimes if I’m not in agood environment or there’s neagtivty around me I feel my psychic gifts can kick in quiet strong Nd birds butterflies will be strong protector’s Nd will be always zipping around me for the whole day sometimes they willl do out of character things come ppl will notice more than others. Birds are a hudge part of my spritual journey seagulls swallows Sparrow’s sometimes white dove pigeons I’ll see quiet a bit also flying black ducks either in a pair or. More or just one duck I’ll see fly please me real quick it’s all very new nd overwhelming as I haven’t experienced this before really not until my awakening. Anyway what does it mean for bird to be flying around in a mate of a mates car while the car is parked up with nobody in it ND also a bby bird being close by of the owner the car when they are about to leave I find this cud be a messenge for me.. does anyone no what this could mean? thank you the person I didn’t no well be myb Thea cud of been bad intentions or good intentions I don’t no I feel like this is a sign or a message that I needed to no at that time if anyone can help me out on what it means thanks you just interested that’s all thanks loves xxxx

9 days ago

Hi, join me for detail about your issue i am here for your assistance

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9 days ago

Hello, Let me help you and give you full insight on your questions . I have specials today . Blessings

8 days ago

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7 days ago

I am online and available. I would love to help!

6 days ago

hello dear and welcome and yes it can mean a lot of things but let us go deeper im on line if you want a session with me.