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Hi – I feel something for someone which makes a difference – normally i’m always feeling pain! Thing is, i don’t know what she thinks/feels about me! I’d really like something to happen, or maybe a strong bond, i feel this weird connection. PLEASE can anyone pick up on this, if she likes me and of so, then where to go from here. THANKYOU.

over 8 years ago
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I would like to chat with you about this. Please chat with me, for free until you decide if you want my help.

over 8 years ago
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hi , would you like to have a brief reading on her intentions , thoughts , feelings for you ? about where this relationship will take you and about what lies ahead . if yes please come for LIVE CHAT SESSION SO I CAN READ FOR YOU . THANKS .

over 8 years ago
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Craig Eugene (craigeugene)

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I would be happy to look at this for you. You will know in the first minute if I have connected or not. If I have not you have wasted nothing but a minute of your time.

over 8 years ago
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Scarlett Love Keeper Of Hea... (lovesorceressserenity)

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Blessings! I would be very happy to connect with their mind, heart, and soul and tell you what they are feeling, thinking, their intentions and the future between you two. Please meet me in chat and I would love to bring you peace.