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What do i do

over 8 years ago

the person i consider my soulmate and i got married and he left after a few days due to family pressure (namely his mother). We are still talking, admist all the controvesy caused by this drama. And i want to know will he come back. My date of birth is 29.05.73 and his is 22.11.69. We both considered ourselves blessed and then his mother started pulling at him, and i was getting very confused at the situation. he is in a different country to me, but we talk nearly every day. He doesn’t know how he feels about me – he says.

over 8 years ago
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Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

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Zarina, set up an appointment with me between 10am and 8pm Pacific time for a tarot reading to confirm his intentions.

over 8 years ago

yor husband cares alot for you but is being brain washed by his mother she has a ful control on him he wants to be with you and destiny wants you and him to be together so what we have to do is remove the negative energy that she is planting in his mind so contact me so we can look futher into this

over 8 years ago
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Taurus Renee (rena)

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Greetings Zarina,

For you I see shadows, smoke, and fire. This is a very intense situation, not to be taken lightly.

Where you are in the relationship: Unconcerned about what anyone thinks. Love rules. This situation is drawing near a close. Not an end, but closure and clarification. As the journey winds its way to an end the emotional angst becomes more severe. The worst has yet to come. Release what restrains you. Don’t hold back your emotions thinking you must keep them in check. There is no need. Emotion serves you well in this event. Emotion is what your husband understands. It’s what his mother has always used. He is under emotional hostage. You are the negotiator.

Where your husband is in the relationship: Passion is a source of great power. BE wary of keeping your words to a minimum. He considers a lack of passion a weakness. His mother has overpowered him. His commitment is centered around family values, morals, principles and culture. You do not fit the mold of a wife according to his Mom. She speaks against you and he is listening. Her passion at this moment is greater than yours.

Basis for the relationship in the past- You met your husband when he was in an in-between state. His past with his family ties were not truly over and his future had yet to arrive. You were what he wanted for himself without giving thought to what his family would think. You were his moment of selfishness.

What lies between you now- A LIE. Your husband knew before he married you that he made prior commitments to his family that would interfere with starting any relationship. The lie was not to you. The lie was to himself. He told himself that your love was reason enough to stand against his family by your side.

The future of the relationship- Your husband will come full circle. He will end where he started. Feel the value of standing by your side in the face of his family.

Let PASSION be your guide.

I am always here for you. I can help you through this trying time.

Peace & Blessings.