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over 8 years ago

hi i really need help my name is rebecca sultana someone has told me in the past tahst black magic has been cast on me and myhouse i meanmymother]\ but i dont knoe im wondreing casue i stil dont hav a jvob.its been 12 moths over.i rally nedd to knwo can someone please tellme? is it true

over 8 years ago
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The Love Psychic (none)

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Hello Rebecca, I can help you, contact me.

over 8 years ago
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Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

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That sounds like a very popular scam to me. If you do feel scared, just pray and you can be safe.

over 8 years ago
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September (butterflies)

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Hello Rebecca,

I completely agree with EarthShod. This is a very common and awful scam. The only evil here is in the heartless, unconscionable people who use the confusion and pain of others to abuse them more. Please do NOT give anyone like this any money and don’t give your will or power away. You are NOT a helpless victim of some invisible force. You are the ONLY one in charge of your life. Your free will is something sacred. Don’t give it up and don’t YOU give up.

Hard times happen in all our lives. How we respond to those times, what we gain in terms of experience and personal knowledge, and what we learn in those times are very important lessons that are meant to help us in the future. Don’t let an opportunist and liar take that away or the things that come with getting through the hard times away from you.

Pray, look within yourself, and know that you are loved, very strong, and never alone.

Blessings to you.

over 8 years ago
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Cristina (cristinas.wisdom)

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Rebecca, black magic only happens if you believe in it. This sounds like someone is scamming you, telling you there is a curse so that you will give them money to lift it. Don’t go there. If you wish the truth about what is going on, please contact me in live chat.

over 8 years ago
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Cassandra (happytoo715)

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If your are a good person with good intentions nothing can harm you…If you feel you must get rid of the bad energy pray. You can also burn sage, I do this often. Good luck to you hun.