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not sure about what to do about my guy friend!

over 8 years ago

my guy friend and i almost act like we are in a relationship just the way we do things when we ware together. i really like him and im sure he likes me, but latley he hasent been acting interested. like cancelling plans and not texting me much. i know he is trying to sort out a morgage for his house and everything. but i really need to know if he will ever concider being in a relationship with me? he is everything i have ever wanted in a guy and i don’t want to loose that. please help!

over 8 years ago
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Psychic_IsisFayette (psychicinsights)

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Hello, let me look into your situation and see what is ahead regarding him. My per min rate is currently at $1.25 per min, contact me for insights, blessings

over 8 years ago

i am picking up he acts that way because he has mixed feelings about you there is times he is sure you are the one and other times he dont know what he wants let me take a strong look into your situation and shed some light on a very confusing time in your life i can give you step by step details as to what he is thinking and feeling with accurate info, i am offering 3 minutes free

over 8 years ago

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over 8 years ago
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Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

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Cassandra, make an appointment with me between 10am and 8pm Pacific Time for a tarot reading to confirm his energies towards you.

over 8 years ago
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The Psychic StarSeeds (thestarchild)

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Hello Cassandra Stephonson, I am picking up several things about this guy friend that you are speaking of, and I am going to tell you this with love. Right now, I think you should walk away before you get to deep, and I think you should walk away fast.

It is easy to tell by anyone that his feelings are mixed and mind is not made up, that is one thing, but to do what he is doing is another.

Please sweetheart, it is my mission for caring for souls, walk away before it is too late.

Love and blessings to you. ~~