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15 days ago

my son comes home the 24th, for ten days. [military leave]then returns to graduate tech school at the end of January….then on to his first assignment….which is even further away from me….its not going to be easy for me knowing this. my daughter and grandson, live away… I basically work, come home…im hurting and I’m alone. Does anyone see if the guy I was dating attempt to come back into my life? He stopped all communication middle of October. I know what being alone feels like….I am a strong person. I’m just tired of not having anyone to call my own. It hurts.

15 days ago

I see that things will change for you in the new year.

15 days ago

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15 days ago

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15 days ago


From one military mom to another – I must admit I can completely relate (mine were Air Force). Be grateful he is being allowed to come home as my enlisted often had their plans changed last minute. I’ve spent many holidays without my offspring around me and it is a big transition.

Regarding your love life … I’d love to pull cards for you. I just need his first name to connect and I will tell you something about him before hire.


14 days ago

come chat IM online now but for that guy its time for u to move forward

12 days ago

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