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Hard time

22 days ago

I’m having a hard time remaining positive. The man I was dating broke up with me last month tore my heart out – still hurts. My kids no longer live with me they are grown so I’m alone. I’m trying so hard not to pull myself down but I’m not doing well tonight. I’m trying to move on and talk to others but no luck or interest yet. I’m not desperate to hook up as I want certain things in someone. I’ve had one ex lover recently text – I cannot stomach the thought of taking him back- I’m going to have to feel alive and secure. When will I feel that again?

22 days ago

Hello dear your hard time will finished soon.and your good luck will come,please come to me i will tell you what is the main reason

22 days ago

Hi, Willow,

I can offer you a free brief of details in chat. This my way of connecting and as well as proving my abilities to clients. Just stop by my room. However, I don’t answer questions in free chat, so if you want answers, take me in a paid session. I will not only answer your questions but I will help you and give you clarity to have a peace of mind. I will not sugar coat, so please be ready to hear the truth (whether it’s good or bad). If I am not online, you can message me and I will get back in touch with you shortly.

Blessings, Psychic Jane

22 days ago

Hi dear,

I see you are so much hurt and heartbroken.You are fed up from this unstable life.You need respect,care and love.I will check for you and tell you more about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

22 days ago


22 days ago

You’re very kind Love Seranade. Thank you to you and everyone for reaching out. I’ve got to keep my thoughts clear – I’m trying my hardest to fight this feeling. It’s only temporary I know

22 days ago

Hello, Let me help you and see what is ahead for you and happiness through spirit . Never give up . I have specials today . On line now -live chat . Blessings

22 days ago

Hi Willow! I’m sorry you are going through such a hard time. If I can be of any help, I am at your service. At this point, finding balance on your own is the first step. And then all comes together around that inner balance.

20 days ago

When I first wrote this I was really feeling low but I had to keep my thoughts clear and just bear through it. Thank you for the support you showed everyone- update: he made contact tonight (Saturday) after 3 weeks of silence. :) i was so greatful but I know there’s more to be worked on with us. Keeping postive – while things are so negative has been a struggle but I did it :)

19 days ago

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15 days ago

Update things are going good now – we are messaging at least now and being like our old selves. He did take interest in hearing my plan to bring us closer -as in living with him part of the time and traveling back home / and becoming more closer – as a couple. I want a ring but I’d settle for living together right now I just want to be happy under one roof with the man I love

14 days ago

iam glad everything is going well for you! see, all you needed was a little faith. anyway happy trails and hope to hear from you soon keep all of us posted and once again many blessings to you.