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Death of my granny

13 days ago
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Nisha (dhanisha)

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Hi psychics, my granny passed away on Thursday night. I wish to know if she is in peace and reached her next destination ?

12 days ago

Hi Nisha,

Let me first offer my condolences to you. I am a medium first and foremost, and my favorite type of readings are with spirit communication requests. Please don’t let anyone tell you that she’s not in peace or that there is anything you need to do to assure she is at rest. She is just fine. It is like a reunion of sorts and being introduced to the new way of “being” for her. She is fine.

Be well and rest knowing her peace is more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine or put human words to.

<3 pixie>

12 days ago

Hello dear join me if you need to know actual position of her

10 days ago

I love doing readings with the recently deceased please if you feel drawn to me give me a call.

10 days ago

Want to know if your grandma is resting in peace?contacy me know for clraity every question you have will be answered very detailed and fast

9 days ago

Hello, I,m sorry for your loss of your grandmother spirit is now . I will look in to spirit and give you full insight and details and how she is now when she pass over to the over side . Online now -Live chat . I have specials today . Please come in . Blessings

9 days ago

Greetings! come in today and I can help answer all of your unanswered questions! Just mention the forum for a discount!

looking forward!
7 days ago

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7 days ago

For this I need to ask you some questions . I’m sorry for your loss but she must be in peace.

6 days ago

when it comes to death spirits linger sometimes around those they are close with keep an eye out for signs of her presence in dreams and in waking life if you would like a full reading and to possibly make contact feel free to message me and i will help you out