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Young son lost my jewelry

10 months ago
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I am new to the psychic thing but am desperate to find the jewelry that my young son took from me. It’s been many months and I’ve turned the house upside down, he swears they never left the house but can’t remember where he “hid” them. Most of them were gifts from my husband are 1 is a remembrance of our deceased son. I have been so desperate that I even took my son to a hypnotherapist but he was unable to get helpful information from him. Someone please help!

10 months ago
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Ornacia (houseofedwards)

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I recommend the golden oracle and estrella3

10 months ago

I feel there is dishonesty, I do see that the jewelry and items were taken from the home…. He is afraid to say what hes done with them.

10 months ago

Hi dear,

I see something fishy and things are not as,shown in front of you.I will tell you more about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path.

God bless you

10 months ago

I agree with the two readers above me. I definitely got that same feeling.