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Pushing onward and remaining positive

17 days ago

Job hunting is so hard :( Praying that a full time position comes thru soon. I’m self employed, but my business alone won’t make all the bills. Needing a primary “stable” income to add to my business income, that I will do in my off time. Does anyone see when this will be happening? I don’t want to lose everything I have.

15 days ago

You are not going to lose everything you have… If you need to chat I am available now for a live session.

15 days ago

Hello, Let me help you and give you full insight and details . You are coming out of it . I see a lot through spirit around you . Come in and let me help you and give you full insight and details and when you will have it better . I have specials today . On line now – Live chat . Blessings

14 days ago

Thank you, both. It’s hard to remain positive in times like this. To gain some insight helps. I had an event today that could lead to more business. Even, ran into a friend while there, who told me about a school position helping children with disabilities. She was very encouraging and told me to apply. The hours would be great with my business- plus no weekends- which would be great and other perks of it. I’m going to check into it :-) thank you both again for reaching out to help.

13 days ago
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Thank you for reaching back out to them .. on here only ha! Try John g sutton or miss Ann

12 days ago

They both responded so I don’t find the humor in what you said (HOE)

Marva said, you are coming out of it. – I honestly feel as if I am.

Psychic Insights response was – I won’t lose everything. That is in question. Yes. But she has a gift she’s responded to me several times before and WAS RIGHT with very little info.

So please don’t be so cynical towards people you don’t know.

12 days ago

come and see me for a full reading on this I am a natural born gifted reader and will be able to help and give you a timeframe on when things are goingto get better for you and stay better because it seems that things get better but do not last

9 days ago

begining to think I’m not going to get a second job. My buisness thank goodness has picked up but it won’t last. Holidays are busy for me. I just need another job to make it. Can anyone tell me when this will happen?

8 days ago

Remain positive! Im hoping this passes and u find stable income! Also hoping you don’t lose everything u have! I agree miss ann, john and sophea are great. Psychicreader as well. Best of luck and Prayers to u