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What do you mean by new love...

11 months ago

A question for advisors. When you tell someone you see a new love interest coming in soon. Is that with the client just going about their life like normal or is it because they actively go out and do something to be more social? I know this sounds a little out there of a question but if you are not looking for someone new and are being told a new person will becoming into the picture…i am just curious if its because of some kind of change you are doing.

11 months ago

It all depends on the person. time to time when the wrong person is in your love life sometimes It takes a while for the energy around you to change (like positive to negative or other way around)once the energy is not around you anymore it allows you to explore other energy’s. hope I helped you a little bit! if you need me to explain a little bit more you can always message me or give a chat

11 months ago


It can certainly happen without the person trying. It can be both really, but it can happen anyway really. You can run into someone in the supermarket trying to buy food. You aren’t looking but you can meet people anywhere at anytime. It would depend on the situation and feeling I got from the person for me to be more specific in answering your question.

I hope that helps!