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The future

about 1 year ago

Will I ever meet someone who I’m able to have a warm and loving relationship with and if so, when will it happen? I feel like I’m always meeting the wrong people.

about 1 year ago

Hi dear,

I will check for you and tell you about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

about 1 year ago

Hello, Sweetie

I Have seven different readings to find out exactly whos the right person for you and when are there gotta enter your life and why all these wroung people come into your life and that disappoints you and you begin to change and look at the world differently beginning to think theres no one out there for you but I will be able to explain whoes the person and whens the arrival of them entering into life. Give me a chat Or E-mail and ill give you all the details,

God Bless, and Thanks For Choosing Bitewine.

about 1 year ago

Hi, let my Spirit Guides and Angels bring you some guidance and answers on your questions.Please join me for a chat I’m online now.Love and light George

about 1 year ago

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about 1 year ago

Keep in mind this, “Rejection is the Universe’s protection.” These other connections haven’t been working out for you because they have not been able to provide you with the warm and loving relationship you know in your heart that you deserve.

Life has the tricky influence of free-will involved, so there is a matter of meeting the path toward a happy relationship halfway. A lot of that has to do with your mindset, but there may be some changes in your life that can take place to help open up that other path for you, as well.

I’m not the kind of psychic who will tell you “yes” or “no” that you are meant to have a beautiful relationship or not. I fully believe that your heart is guiding you toward that which is why you want one in the first place, but there are choices involved in getting there. And many lessons along the way.

Stop by and I’d be happy to take a look into whatever I see coming ahead and ways to improve upon your heart’s goal of a solid and intimate connection.

Peace, Leona

about 1 year ago

Hello dear yes yes some one around you love you very much please think and see around your deep love is waiting,come to me for detail

12 months ago

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