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about 1 month ago

How does that work? I have an advisor that I have the notify button used for and I happen to catch her because I am online when she comes on. Not once have I gotten a text notification. Does the advisor get to notify the person that she wants to notify or is it an automatic system set up that does it. Hope that made sense.

about 1 month ago
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Jamey (jamey)

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I don’t know a whole lot about it, but from my understanding you should get a text. We don’t get notified, and do know know when someone has requested a notification. However, some of us have asked management for that.

If you aren’t getting a text, I would check to make sure that the right number is in the system. If its the right number then use the “contact us” at the bottom of any page and see if support can figure out why its not working for you..

about 1 month ago
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about 1 month ago

Thanks Jamey. It’s worked in the past but recently I had it set up for a particular reader and never got it. Weird.

about 1 month ago
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Psychic-sandra (psychic_care)

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about 1 month ago

I think it might be a glitch with Bitwine. I had a friend test it with me logging in/out and it didn’t work for her either. It just sends you a text when the status is “Available” and if you click the link in the text or email, it brings you directly to chat with an advisor. When we get the call, it says that you were referred by the notification. :)

about 1 month ago

I think it is a glitch, i’ve tested it out on my own site and it doesnt seem to work. I just havent been able to contact support about it yet

19 days ago

CS suggested to use the email notification which is rediculious since the text notification would let you know sooner. I am not always checking email. Ughhh