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Question on feedback...

7 days ago

Has this happened to anyone…. I had a reading with an advisor and they said let’s not do the $10 deal for 10 minutes because my answer would be less than the $10. Ok so it was in fact a per minute and I saved myself about $2. My question is after the reading it didn’t give me the option to leave a review. Has that ever happened to anyone else? I thought it was very odd. Even offer than the fact that her reading was the total opposite of what anyone else has stated.

6 days ago

I would take it up with the customer support because I believe you have up to two weeks to leave a review.

6 days ago

Yes, you do have up to two weeks to leave feedback, and the charge has to be over $5. Like Rebecca said, I would check with customer support. We as advisors have no control over the feedback that is left for us.

6 days ago

Thanks I did and they are going to look into it. Just thought it was odd.

6 days ago
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Morixx (morixx)

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That has happened to me before. I paid probably like $15 and when I finished the session, at the end there was no option for me to save the chat or leave a review. I thought it was odd, but it didn’t bother me as much as it may someone else.

5 days ago

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5 days ago

They said the total has to be $5 charge. Missed it by 8 cents.