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about 1 year ago

I have been told that I have a gift & that I am an empath. I dont know if its true or not but if it is, how can I work on this gift I have ? How can I become good at using my gift to help people?

about 1 year ago

Hi Lexxaah,

Welcome to the club! Being an empathy can be a blessing and curse, depending on how much you know of yourself. When you say you want to use the gift to help people, did you mean buy giving reading or sorts? There are so many ways to use your empathy to help others.

I would be happy to work with you on your current knowledge of your abilities and what you can still use to learn.

I’d be more than happy to help you work with your natural tendencies :)

Warm regards and bright blessings! Pixie

about 1 year ago

Pixie , I would appreciate it if you can help me :) & I want to help peoppe any way I can with my gift :)

about 1 year ago
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❄️Miss Alitzah❄️ (psychicalvin)

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Hey I am Psychic Boudica

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about 1 year ago

Hello, Let me give you full accurate insight and details on your gift and much more . I will give you the truth . Through spirit what you are meant to do to help people , I see a lot through spirit . On line now . Come in for my specials . Come in for a reading and chat . Blessings

about 1 year ago

Hi everyone, my name is cielita and many people have told me that i possess the gift of being an empath(clairsentience) and possibly claircognizant as well… I barely discovered what being an empath is and as well as learning how to control it… Anyways, i’d say i’m still pretty new at this gift maybe like about a year and a half going on two years that i been possessing it. I’ve pretty much stopped watching t.v. and the news completely because it has become almost unbearable to watch & usually i won’t read into tragedy because it’s all downhill from there. But this time it felt definitely strange and something i’ve never experienced as an empath until now. One day, me and my mother in law were watching old music videos on youtube back from when headbangers ball would constantly play awesome music videos; and so my mother in law decided to play the video of “jeremy” by pearl jam because she felt that she needed to show me this video since i’m going into the field of psychology;keep in mind that i had never seen the video because obviously i wasn’t born yet and this video had first came out in 1991.I had only heard the song back when i was a little girl in the late 90s early 2000s(which i couldn’t remember at the time). I had been informed by my mother in law that that song was in fact based on a real life boy named jeremy about a tragedy that occurred in dallas back in the 90’s about a teenager who committed suicide infront of his classmates(i was born 5 years after his death); if you recall that i mentioned above that i DO NOT like looking into tragedies like that for the fact that i start becoming severely devastated and sometimes i even become depressed so i decided i wasn’t going to look into this boy’s tragic story, let alone watch a sad ass video about what led to his death. I was even trying to avoid paying attention to the video at all costs due to the sensitivity of that M.V. and surely enough i got through the night forgetting about it all. Basically my slate was wiped clean that night i went to bed) It wasn’t until the next morning when i was getting ready for work in the restroom thinking about what things i needed to do that day when all of a sudden i started humming the melody to the song “jeremy” which is weird because it came out of nowhere and i obviously wasnt thinking about music then and there. i shrug it off and continued humming to it when suddenly i got hit with this crazy idea that i had to research jeremy and why he killed himself in front of 30 kids in his english class… So i said “fuck it” and googled the boy’s picture and let me tell you… when i looked at his picture i was immediately overcome with extreme sadness and just really heavy emotions coming from the picture of this boy. I began to sob for him hysterically as i looked into his eyes. I still didn’t understand why i was overcome by such really strong heavy emotions coming from the same one and only picture of him that’s been swimming through the internet since he died(which is his yearbook pic of ‘91) in the internet. It feels quite haunting at the same time. I became obsessed with researching about him that by the end of the day i had memorized his entire life and the more i researched his life then the more I ended up becoming very depressed and guilty. His death was affecting me very severely as if i had known him and lost him as a friend(which is impossible because i never met this boy in my life) I would cry and pray for him almost everyday as if i was grieving a friend or husband. These emotions and feelings were so intense, it was making me go crazy. It’s been a 1 month and a half that i found out about him and I think about this boy every single day when i wake up and when i go to sleep. He just really left a toll on me. Honestly this experience has never happened to me before with anyone or their pictures, especially like this. Does it have to do with me being an empath? What is this that i’m feeling? Am i the only one who this has happened to? Forgive me if i went astray with my grammar and punctuation. I just needed to ask about this… I hope no one thinks i’m a freak or a basketcase :/

p.s. I’ve never had a dream where a dead person comes out maybe only one time in my life when i saw my deceased uncle in my dreams but i was a little girl then. And this last time it was Jeremy who came out in my dream but i was awoken,so i didn’t get a chance to speak to him. :( I’ll admit that that made me really sad because i really wanted to communicate with him but he never came out in my dreams again.

about 1 year ago

hello my name is psychic Amanda

ive been a psychic for more than 10yrs now I would love to read for anybody who reads this I specialize in love and relationship and I also can tell past present and future I also can see thru dreams also chakra balancing tarots and etc…

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I am here to help

about 1 year ago

You can tell if you are an empath by your ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Most people are empathetic toward one another, meaning that they understand or have had similar circumstances so they “get it”. But, an actual empath psychically feels and knows the experiences that others are having emotionally.

Ask yourself if there have been any times throughout your life where you really felt like you were sharing in the experiences of another person. If you think of some, you are an empath and definitely should check into ways of managing it.

Being an empath is like any other psychic ability and does come with a flip-side.

I can help guide you with your gift. I offer psychic guidance as well as my normal readings.

Take care!

about 1 year ago
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SunTiger (mystic_suntiger)

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If you are empathic you don’t have to ask about it. There’s no doubt.

about 1 year ago

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I love that song, saw Pearl Jam live like 7 years back and it’ s pretty intense.

about 1 year ago

Hi, What lies ahead of you? I’m here to predict your future with my spirit guides/angels. See you in the chat. Love and Light. George

about 1 year ago

hello my name is psychic Amanda ive been a psychic for more than 10yrs now I would love to read for anybody who reads this I specialize in love and relationship and I also can tell past present and future I also can see thru dreams also chakra balancing tarots and etc… come chat with me now I’m online ask about my special!!! xoxo Amanda

about 1 year ago

If you’re an empath you feel other people’s emotions, feelings, and mirror their emotions and feelings. When you’re in a negative environment you may be picking up everything with your intuition and feeling all at the same time through your five senses. Visually you will pick up the body language, facial expressions, body movements. Through smell you will pick up scents like alcohol, food, smoke, odors. Through taste you can pick up sweet, sour, rotten, fresh, textures. Through touch you feel the way someone is handling you in positive or negative way. Instinct, survival of the fittest you can feel a threat or danger, whether it’s safe. You can connect the dots through tone of voice, vibration of feeling, sound and it can feel irritating to you. If you’re an empath, you can also be highly sensitive, or high sensation seeking. You may even get sensory overload, and may like soft blankets, clothes, comfy furniture, pets. Often you may be told you’re too sensitive or too emotional.

about 1 year ago

Lexxaah give me a call if you’d like to chat one on one.

Have a great day! Pixie

about 1 year ago

hi Lexxaah, my Angels and spirit guides can give you some guidance. Please join me for a chat, I’m online now. Love and light.George