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11 months ago
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Have anyone ready with divine_love_destiny? Was info correct and time frames accurate?

10 months ago

❤II see There will be change for you and you will see the results. I will tell you more after you have a reading with me. I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness. Why worry, wait or wonder? Call me now for clarity!I will tell you exactly what is going to happen and how to fix every problem. I would be happy to help..❤

Love, Light & Blessings.


10 months ago

I have earlier in the month. Was told that because my POI is so indecisive they can’t give me a short term prediction (such as contact) but that things will be stable by September. (Which feels like a lifetime away. Lol)

10 months ago

Yesssss numerous readings which I can’t catch her now :( but she’s is scary accurate I feel! She typed something one time that I was thinking and it shock me. How do you feel?

10 months ago

As far as predictions I believe she’s right now timeframes hmm Idk timeframes are difficult which everyone has told me that before so try not to focus on timeframes but the actual outcome :)

10 months ago
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Hi Dear I will sincerely read and tell you if the connection between two persons is soul mate connection or its just a sexual passion or obsession/vacuum and tell you everything you need to know which will also involve your past,present and future. Blessings Alisha

10 months ago

Emily, same here. They said exactly how I felt about the current situation. I actually had to go back up and see if I said it and they were just repeating what I said because it was spot on.

10 months ago

Ohhhh Nooo. It’s spot on for sure!!!!!! I just hope I can catch her again soon she is so freaking hard to catch it’s like everyone lines up. But that right there should tell us something there :)

10 months ago
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Jenny Star (pinkandpurpleaura)

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might have to try her. very affordable.

10 months ago
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Eva (monas)

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I tried her/him once and nothing happened. Was told many things that turned out to be the opposite so for me, no. No no no.

10 months ago

Hi my name is Dr watson ....don’t worry about any issue ...call me and relax your mind…i’m always satisfy my clients,call me so we can discuss your issue and after that i’ll give you a perfect solution

10 months ago

I LOVE HER!!!!! I hope this thread is still in play for the matter that she’s one of the very few psychics here that is the real deal. She came up with a plethora of details for me and they run align to my desires and the things i want to accomplish. Only issue i have with her is that her predictions time line did not come to pass. two times. She predicted a job offer for me this past june-july and that hasn’t occurred. She also predicted id have someone entering my life around that time as well, to no avail :( But i would surely go back to her because the connection felt amazing! Also, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say destiny love is also psychicreader. 99% sure..

either way, she wasn’t kidding when she picked up on sexual chemistry. She went into details with that. I t took me about 5 calls or more to finally get a connection established with her…and once we did, the feeling was cosmic. I recommend highly!!

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10 months ago

Hello, Let me help you and give you full accurate details and insight on all f your questions through what the spirit show around you and much more . I know I cna ease your mind on your concerns right away . Try my specials today . Come in for a reading and chat. Blessings