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How is energy picked up...

11 months ago

I am just curious how are you able to pick up energy over the internet. I just don’t understand how that works. (No comments from the peanut gallery) lol

11 months ago
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Ashley D. (ash_cue44)

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energy can be felt, heard, seen, etc.. whether its in person or over the internet :) distance doesn’t really matter for us. The information will come instantly either way. its not a matter of how far or close the person is, its just a matter of how clear the channel is :)

Ashley D

11 months ago

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11 months ago
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Jenny Star (pinkandpurpleaura)

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for me.. when I pick up on energy I ask for help from a higher power (God, angels, spirit guides.. anything from the higher good). I ask them to give me any thoughts/feelings to guide me in giving the best reading possible. so when I say something or feel is something it is from a higher power. I hope that helps.

11 months ago

There is no distance for energy and I do most healing/shamanic session remotely, same for the readings.G.

11 months ago


11 months ago


It’s not different than if you have a reading where the person is sitting in front of you. As long as I am interacting with someone in real time it makes no difference. I like to compare it radio waves. You can “hear” what is being broadcast regardless of the distance.

I hope this helps.


11 months ago

Hi Just a girl,

The way I experience it, the connection happens through my own mind and energetic field, through my open 3rd eye. Once it opens, one can tune in a new frequency of reality, a new level of reality, like a radio (the brain becomes an antenna). The connection is with the astral layers where one can travel in time and space and ask and receive the truthful answer to any question. So the first layer of connection is not with you over distance, but with this database which is like a huge invisible computer. Even the layer of connecting with someone and feeling what they feel happens through this astral bridge, therefore distance in time or space are irrelevant. It’s like a wormhole.

11 months ago

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