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Don't know who to believe

about 1 year ago

Why does four psychic says yes and two says no I’m so confused I don’t know who to believe when it comes to my situation I guess I’ll see if timelines they gave me are accurate or the things they told me that would not work really wouldnt workout between me and this person

about 1 year ago

Similar to me Ashley. Those who gave a yes had better validation so I’m hopeful.

about 1 year ago

Which readers said yes and which no?

about 1 year ago

I would go with the non-sugarcoated ones. Out of about 40 readings(over the past 3 years), all the negative ones were correct. I should have listened to them and quit trying to find positive ones that kept me hopeful in a very hopeless relationship.

about 1 year ago
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Tracey (tsp48)

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In my case the positive readings came from the readers in this forum have concluded by in large are honest. The 2 negatives blocked me..why..I do not know. I sometimes think that the negative readers are going to try to sell you something to cleanse yourself or unblock something…to make more money. The positive readers what are they gaining you get back to that a couple times for updates to see if things are still on the road and then if things don’t come to pass then you drop out there not really gaining anything by lying and making things nice as far as I’m concerned plus as I said my positive readings came from the most reputable readers that this forum has concluded.

about 1 year ago
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Ashley D. (ash_cue44)

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trust your intuition when it comes to readers, many may tell you what you want to hear, but there are a few in a dozen that are completely honest with you and tell you whats true and what may not be what you want to hear. Also, the situation could unfold both ways, some predictions aren’t set in stone if the energy is swinging both ways :) Judging from the energy i pick up right off the bat, the situation seems to be iffy, it could go one way or the other, maybe that’s why half of the psychics said yes and no. Stay positive though! And trusting your own intuition might be the best way to go for now :) maybe the answer isn’t meant to be known yet!

Ashley D.

about 1 year ago

hello iam a psychic and love advisor ive been a psychic for more than 10yrs now altought iam new to bitwine ive been helping people for globally all my life I love my gift and what I do in helping my client’s feel more secure and satisfied with their readings

iam honest straghr forward I tell it as I see it good or bad never sugarcoating a reading

I love my clients I will tell you as a friend kindley and sincerley how I see my visions of whats in store for you iam not here too judge anyone iam here too help

soo feel free too come chat with me I’m online now





about 1 year ago

Thank you everybody on your inputs but it’s so hard to believe things when a couple of them are telling you yes and some say no but we will see my heart agree with the positive but I just dont wanna look crazy and it’s not what I think it is