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Can a psychic really see the career of your future husband/wife or do they pick up on our “ideal person”?

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I can’t say I would always be able to. The things that make themselves know to me are always different. I don’t generally see what a person looks like, for example, but from time to time, I’ll see a certain feature.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind not all readers have the same psychic senses. While most of us are familiar with the word clairvoyant (clear seeing), not nearly as many are familiar with the other psychic senses that correspond to physical senses. A legitimate reader should have no problem discussing their reading methods or approach with a client.

Don’t be afraid to ask respectful questions. I’m not a fan of someone asking me “well how do you know” when the information provided is not something they want to/can accept. I would approach it like this: If the person is trusted and has provided you with verifiable information in other areas they why would it be unlikely for them not to see that particular aspect of a person. :) Get what I’m saying? Maybe it’s the reader overall that seems unbelievable :)

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