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7 days ago

I hired an expert on here a few days ago for an e-mail reading and have not heard back yet. I hope she’s okay. It was Rachel J. that I hired.

7 days ago

She is amazing. I know a couple while ago she was dealing with an emergency. I am sure she will get back to you.

7 days ago
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Shir M (shir)

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She’s ok. I had a reading with her before a month ago. Maybe she didn’t got your email. Send her the email again

7 days ago

She knows I hired her. We talked on live chat and I sent her the payment. I know she’s been dealing with family stuff so I hope all is okay. she is a very good psychic. I am glad I found her.

7 days ago

hello my name is audrey I would love to go into a reading for you and give you insight and clarity on your situation and let you know whats in store, your more then welcome to chat with me I’m having reduced rates today only!

blessings Audrey,

5 days ago

Hello my name is Miss Angie, I’m a spiritual healer I have over 15 years of experience, I can provide you with peace, clarity and a better understanding of whats to come. One of my most popular reading is a crystal reading for $25 it will tell you past, present, and future and also answer all your questions with dates and time frames. with no time limit. Call now and we can get through this together.