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Soulmate vs twin flame

about 1 year ago
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There’s a lot of information on the internet about soul mates vs twin flame. It’s left me a little confused. Which is the stronger connection? Also with there being free will do we always end up with our twin flame or can we choose not to?

about 1 year ago
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Chree (chree)

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Ok I’m gonna bite & answer All thought I’m not a psychic here. I am going threw this. TwinFlame is stronger connection.. You can have great connections with soulmates two. But Twin literally is the other you. The universe will manifest things for you to be with your Twin. Yes there’s free will. But it won’t always be adheared too. Once you’ve met it’s hard to forget them & not be drawn to them. Basically your free will is do the inner work to be with them. Or don’t do it but have the universe keep at Your heals saying hay Wake up. It’s not a easy path a Twin but I’ve been told it’s worth it. Soulmates are much more easier & as far as I have read have more free will. But there equally rewarding so what ever path you choose I wish you blessings.

But remember this you can’t look for your Twin they will find you & usually at the most inappropriate time.

about 1 year ago
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Lady Josephine (spiritmother)

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Hello! My name is Spirit Mother and I am an Advisor here. I will answer you based on my experience and not textbook. A soulmate is anyone who was brought to you to help you learn life lessons and go through life tests. Some say this is the person who infuriates us in a slow line, but that is just life. Our soulmates walk with us, for a time, during our life moments and changes—family, lovers, friends, people who have had a direct impact in our lives or memories. Maybe someone you just encounter once, although most of those times, it is an angel or divine spirit.

Your Twin Flame is the Yin Yang or your complete self. Mine is on the other side, assisting me and rooting me on. Some are super lucky and are with them in this lifetime. Your Twin Flame will not cheat on you or leave you. Twin Flame relationships are compatible, peaceful and endure. You will always have your Twin Flame eternally. I cannot imagine that you would pass them over, unless you were married and then met them.

Soulmates are lovers, just not a Twin Flame. You love them for a time and then move on. Maybe you love them and they pass away (this great love is usually a Twin Flame) It is confusing. You will always encounter your Twin Flame, but not always encounter certain Soul Mates. If you are predestined to unite with your Twin Flame, you will. There would be no changing it, IMHO.