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Looking for a reading on Career and love advice

about 1 year ago

Birthday- 11/21/83

Hello, Looking for a psychic to connect with who can Give me some insight about my career and nonexistent love life.

Thank you,


about 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I have offered my psychic readings since I was young as well as read relationships and pets that are alive or that have passed. I started seeing things and began reading for people at a very adolescent age. If you are skeptical that is okay but be opened minded and be ready to be amazed because I was given this gift for a reason and I would like to share it with you. Contact me I am sure you will find what you are looking for. If I am busy please drop me an e-mail to set up an appointment with me. Thanks.

I am running a several great deals! I know times are hard and I want everyone to be able to come to me to get the answers that they are looking for. I will not disappoint you; just check out my feedback!

ASK ME ABOUT MY CURRENT DEALS FOR THE WEEK OF 4/17/17-4/24/17!!!! $$$ OFF MY 10, 15, 20, 30,45, AND 60 MINUTE READINGS.


about 1 year ago

Hello Friend,

Over 25 years experience! I have the gifts of intuition and insight. These gifts were NOT learned or taught. I purchased my first Tarot deck when I was a teenager and knew what most of the cards meant as soon as I unsealed the deck! So, this came naturally to me. I have been giving readings to friends and many of my new and returning clients for years. I am known for accuracy in my readings and time frames.

about 1 year ago
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shh (shh)

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Try psychic starfom on PO or spirituallovesolution here.

about 1 year ago

Hello, Let me help you right away on your questions much more . I will give you the truth through spirit and give you full insight and details . Try my specials today . Come in for a session and chat . Blessings

about 1 year ago

hi I specialize in love and career id love to share my insights with you join me for a session any time xoxo

about 1 year ago
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Spiritual Maria (spiritual_maria)

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I am an intuitive Empath and Tarot reader, Astrologist and Numerologist I specializes in Love and Romance, Careers, Financial Issues, Dream Interpretations and life coach. I am a clairvoyant and clairaudiant, an experienced and versatile psychic who has been doing professional readings for over a decade. My deep connection with my Spirit guide allows me to work with your guides to get a profound intuitive feeling for where your happiness lies, to move directly to the heart of the issue and to communicate what I am seeing quickly and clearly. I can give you insight regarding love, romance, family, finance, career, or connect you to loved ones who have passed on. I can communicate with your Spirit guides to help you find peace when you are grieving and direction when you feel purposeless. I would love to read your aura and chakras to give you a psychic healing and attune your energy. No question is too great or too small.

about 1 year ago

Hi,please come and chat with here on bitwine or you can order a video reading with me on purple ocean.Thanks.G.

about 1 year ago
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Try James M amazing for career stuff

about 1 year ago
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Alan MitcHELL (psychichealeralan69)

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I am a 4th generation natural psychic. I have over 14 years EXP. I also have two locations where I conduct in person readings, so you see I am NOT just another “online psychic”. I am straightforward and I do not waste your time or mine! Come Chat/email me and in just a few mins you will be convinced of my TRUE abilities. I have helped many people from all over and now its your turn. Let me ease your worries away and guide you on your path of happiness. I have not had an unsatisfied customer in person yet! Chat today for the answers of tomorrow!

about 1 year ago

hi try Dr D watson …...i’m amazing in career readings …....and love readings …...don’t lose your hope i’m a true psychic …..come in chat and lets decode your situation. thanks

about 1 year ago

$10 for 15min, one click is all it takes to help you to set you on the right path

about 1 year ago

Hello dear some one around you keeping your spirits please release your spirits then you will get your love

about 1 year ago
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Tanya (tmrtmr)

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^^ he’s trying to say you need a cleanse or spell removal. This shit is a joke on this site. That’s when you know it’s a fraud.

about 1 year ago

Hello, Let me give you full accurate insight and details on your love life and career through spirit . I read the spirit of the person and see what is ahead and what is going to change for you and what to avoid . Try my specials today . Come in for a reading and session . Blessings .

about 1 year ago
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♚ Astro-King ♚ (astrocare)

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Hi Dear

Come and see me once, will help you out for the same.

Regards Astrocare