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Drama outta my son

7 months ago

My son and his grandparents cause me a lot of drama I don’t want- I’m sick of it. His grandfather (on his dads side ) causes me grief – for reasons of he just can – my sons dad past away when he was 8 but the grandparents OVER STEP there boundaries and I understand most grandparents will -what do u see ahead with my son will he choose to turn his back on me and side with them or will he continue to play me and them to get what he wants??

7 months ago

Hi Ann,

I’m sorry you are in such an unfortunate situation with your son. I think age will elicit a change in him. I’d be happy to look at the detail of the situation with you if you wish to chat.

Be wishes and bright blessings, Pixie

7 months ago

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7 months ago

I hope he grows out of it pixie it’s heart breaking to me to feel like I’ve given all that I could to help him in everything and to see a change at 15 when they started stepping in more to inform him of money he would be receiving for college – that he wouldn’t ever have to worry about having it – he then started with an attitude of he didn’t have to try and showing himself and trying to go against me and it got ugly – he showed me a side that was truly devious and hurtful – he was so intelligent and one of the top smartest kids in his class until they stepped in. His dad left him secured and I’m very greatful for this and want the best for him but his grandparents yes I know they love him but they sometimes try to dream be a wednge between me and my son and I don’t understand it- he I think gets confused and doesn’t know who to side with- but when he plays Ilya both it worries me in who he is as a person

7 months ago

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7 months ago

I can only imagine, but truly, that is the age when MANY children in adult bodies aka young teens start testing their boundaries and pushing the limits of authority figures in their lives.

If you weren’t worried I would find it more strange. This does not in any way mean to dismiss your feelings of course. Remember the last 15 years? So does he. Don’t give up idea it would be erased. People, even kids, don’t change that quickly.

7 months ago
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No one can take yoir don away from unless You push him out, even then they’ll still be open to help to some degree.

7 months ago

Hello Friend,

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