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What does he want?

over 8 years ago

I have a question. I’m a 18 year old female born August 8, 1992 at 8:28am. I have this problem, I dated this guy last year in the summer and it was really nice but than we kinda fell apart at then end of the summer and didn’t talk to him this whole year. I came back to my cottage this year and we met up again and everything seemed perfect but he said he wanted to be friends do you know why he said this?

over 8 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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hi, I would guess he said he wanted to be friends because men generally want to keep their options open. Basically they want their cake and to eat it. He knows if he says he just wants to be friends you’ll stick with him and have fun but without him feeling committed to a relationship, or entangled in emotional baggage. Then, when he’s had enough or you show signs of wanting and needing the relationship to move forward, he can run off without feeling guilty. If you think you are strong enough to not fall in love with him, feel rejected and abandoned every time he doesn’t call or text you, and that your main focus is your family and friends, then by all means be his friend. It might develop into something more, but be prepared for it not to and don’t get hurt. Don’t start flirting with other men to try and make him jealous. And don’t start getting all serious and sharing your diary with him in the hope he’ll connect more with you and start sharing himself. Friend means friend. This guy is looking for a fun, come-and-go, warm, honest, independent-from-him, girl. But don’t be cold and aloof. He wants to keep the connection open just in case he might feel like he wants a relationship. And so he is guilt free if you get hurt. Hope this explains his behaviour. Best advice, keep him on his toes. Keep him guessing with little hints and subtle natural teasing. And above all be yourself and honest about your feelings without being clingy. Good luck!