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over 7 years ago
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ME (destinyseeker)

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I ‘feel’ she likes me, and lets me know in very small hints. I’d like for her to tell me straight, but maybe she’s shy, although she doesn’t give that impression. She’s afraid of something. I’ve tried being nice, she was ok, but then started cutting down on the conversation. I know that ‘certain’ remarks are meant for me. Is she playing a game, or is she undecided? I just know that there’s ‘something’ there between us, but don’t know what to do. She either wants to get to know me like i do with her, or she doesn’t. Any advice on what’s going on? Thankyou.

over 7 years ago
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Dexter Hamilton (psychicdexter)

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Hello how are you, I am Dexter. Through my ability I can tell you what is going to happen in the near Future… Please Contact Me through Live Chat… Best Wishes, Dexter…

over 7 years ago
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Psychic Angelic Anney (readerpsychic)

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Hello Me [ destinyseeker ], Please feel free to have a live chat with me, and I can ask your loved ones in spirit to come and communicate with you through me about the young lady in question, and settle your mind, God Bless.

over 7 years ago

hello chat me with your date of birth,time,place. I can help you better. god bless you.