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over 8 years ago

im new to this site but have to say even in this “free” forum no one is williing to give any help unless its for money, its a god given gift or so i thought and if ppl are really needing help and cant afford to pay the rates what should they do? i can appreciate that your giving up your time but surely to help others makes it all worthwhile! i posted for help before and all i got is call me for x amount a minute! losing faith! which is very sad !

over 8 years ago
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Andrew (master_torbin)

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Hi lesley,

Your thread title reminds me of something that happens to me occasionally. The question of “why” covers a lot of territory. Whenever I find myself looking up and mentally shouting “WHY?” (for whatever situation), there’s a little voice in the back of my mind that whispers, “Why not?” What can I say, I guess my intuition has a strange sense of humor.

“Why me?” I ask the universe. “Why not you?” It answers. “Who would you prefer? Your friends? Your neighbor?”

To address your specific question:

Bitwine is a paid site. It isn’t really set up for doing readings pro bono. Aside from that:

Think about what you do for a living. If someone came to you and argued that you should do it for free because helping other people makes it all worthwhile, what would you tell that person?

You would tell them that you really can’t give your time away for free. You’ve got bills to pay, food and transportation to pay for, and working for free doesn’t make that happen.

I understand that you don’t think it’s the same thing but an actual psychic reading can take a lot out of the reader. It isn’t like we can line people up and keep doing it until we’ve clocked 8 hours and then call it a day. At least, that isn’t how it works for me.

Don’t lose faith. If you really need a free reading, there are ways to get one.

Good fortune to you!

PS—According to the casting I did, it’s your own personal strength that’s going to see you through right now. Use it wisely, and be prepared to stick things out.

over 8 years ago
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angelheart1 (angelheart1)

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I feel also that if you get stuck in your own misery and then you expect others to help while at the other hand i feel you blame others for your bad luck ,you cant tell the bakery they should give you bread cause that is what they do ,my experience is that when i work for free and i often do that i dont get the respect i deserve for my efforts.If you can assure me you cant even spare 10 dollar for a small reading ,then i will try to help you out but if i feel you want to take advantage off my good heart i am not availlable anymore sometimes we have to learn and take care of ourselfs ,who else will ?So take good care off yourself and try and make a effort to give a litle at least” this world does not respect things that are for free” to bad but thats how it goes ….;Lots of Love Angelheart1 ps:come and talk and i see what i can do ..