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times running out!

over 8 years ago

my husband and i have been together for 15 years, 4 years ago i was diagnosed with a serious illness and given 10 yrs to live. this easter my husband went away with a friend, who got into some trouble, now they are both in jail awaiting trial in another state and facing very serious charges, its been 5 months since i have seen my husband, and im scared we wont be together again before i pass..this is my first attempt at anything physcic..please help i dont know where else to turn

my D.O.B 20th january 1976 my hubby D.O.B 18th febuary 1977

over 8 years ago
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angelheart1 (angelheart1)

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Dear Dianna ,i guess a psychic or a cardreader cant find answers for you to solve this case only to talk with your doctor that he writes down on paper how ill you are and that you need your husband at home or at least closer to home so you could go and visit him sometimes ,so a doctor and a laywer who are on your side and can convince a judge to do something in this case even if you have to write to the Governor but you need very strong and important people who know there way in criminal justice and a laywer that is ready to fight for your life and that from your husband ,jail is good for those who still have to learn from it ,this was a akword situation and i really hope that they take notice from your situation and your health issues ,anyway wish you lots of power and strenght so you can convince the right persons to come into the rescue that they think about you needing someone by your side ,extreme situations ask for extreme measures so nothing to loose righ now ,only to gain eventually ,like that you dont feel helpless or powerless when you ask the experts you have nothing to loose dont forget that ,

over 8 years ago
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Penny Clark (pennyclarkbabson)

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Dianna: I would love to talk to you in live chat about this. Your dr and a lawyer can help you with this but their are matters you have to talk to them about. What your husband has told you is no lie and his charges are not based on correctness of the situation. The law doesnt know the while story. so when you get time if youd like to chat about this yell to be for a live paid reaidng in chat.

over 8 years ago
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Andrew (master_torbin)

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The law needs to understand that there are extenuating circumstances here. I, too, would go with a lawyer on this one.