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Where is my life going?

over 7 years ago

I am in such a rut, I really want to meet my soulmate but thing that it’s never going to happen. When and if will I true love and who is it. please help

over 7 years ago
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Penny Clark (pennyclarkbabson)

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Hi netty id love to help you. call me in paid one on one chat and lets see whats going on for you

over 7 years ago

I am wondering what is going on in my life right now, i have been seeing a guy for over 5 yrs, we have had obstacles in the way all this time, i really feel that we are soulmates, but he came to me and told me that he cheated on me a couple weeks ago, so i am wondering what is going to happen now, he says he doesn’t like himself right now and don’t know what to do,and as for me i am feeling very numb at the news and don’t know what to do. my date of birth is 08/20/1965 his is 07/26/1965 please give me some insight into this situation rita