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Are you the same

over 8 years ago
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gavin (gav)

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i have recently had , what i would call, intimadating emails from tara medium. A long dark cloud is moving into my life if i dont hand over the money. (now down to $20.00 australian. are you guys the same??? And if i give them my money i will win big in the lottery. I have tryed to email back telling them that if i win money (Quote 136,000.00) i will give them some but if dosent seem to work that way…. I wonder why?

over 8 years ago
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Hermits_Insight (hermits_insight)

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Gavin, I know exactly who you are talking about, glad to see that you are not so blind as to fall for it. I myself am a tarot reader and tell it like it is, no time for silly scams and games, don’t know about everyone else here, but I promise you I will not be telling you any BS such as you are hexed and try to get you to send money to be unhexed and get lots of money. If you are interested in a reading and I am not online, please sent me a message and we can set up an appointment.

over 8 years ago

Hey, i also have had problems with tara.. i set up with her online page with three differnt email address and recieved the same emails to all of them asking for money.. It is a scam, google tara scam and you can see feedback from other victims that have been scamed by her..good luck