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Saturday March 2

over 5 years ago

I want to find a true reader that can pick up on somethings I am seeking. And also have the capability per say of predictions/timing.

This Saturday especially I’m trying to see if something will come about.

8/24/1988 D.O.B

over 5 years ago

Hello my name is Jennifer and I have offered my psychic mediumship readings since I was young.I also read relationships and pets that are alive or passed. My psychic abilities were passed down to me by my mother. I started seeing things and began reading for people at a young age. My mother is an excellent psychic so I have learned from the best. If you are skeptical that is ok but be opened minded and be ready to be amazed because I was given this gift for a reason and I would like to share it with you. Contact me I am sure you will find what you are looking for. If I am busy please drop me an e-mail to set up an appointment with me. Thanks.

I am running a several great deals! I know times are hard and I want everyone to be able to come to me to get the answers that they are looking for. I will not disappoint you; just check out my feedback!


over 5 years ago

i feel their is alot of compications in your past. and your wanting to make things better .and i do see better changes in your path. come chat with me ill be glad to answers all your quesiton! hope to hear from you soon! ty & gb:)

over 5 years ago

hi dear just from your energies i am picking up an amount of confusion it also tends to show that you are emotionally under some stress and it seems here that you have been worrying a bit more than usual contact me live chat for a detailed reading hope to hear from you gb

over 5 years ago

Thanks for responding. But sadly I do not have that gut feeling with any. that makes me feel like your the one.

Descriptions were not close to what I know of myself. But thanks, I will continue searching

over 5 years ago

I have the insight that you need to know…come and chat with me…so I can help you further…Thanks!

over 5 years ago
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over 5 years ago

Hello, I can help you . I will give you full accurate insight on your questions ,and love life and situation. It,s lot around you right now . Please come in and chat with me and I will if you the answers you need and time frame .I read the spirit of the persona and situation. You won,t regret it . On line now or leave a message . I will give you the truth . Blessings-sunn10020 -sunn10020