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Soulmate Energy on Valentines Day 2014

over 4 years ago


For many years Valentine’s day was a time when love was shared only on this day, it became a very commercialized Holiday, everywhere you look during the Valentine’s day season, we see hearts, balloons, teddy bear baskets and chocolates, when you’re in a wonderful relationship this is seems fine and you participate, but when you are alone it can create depression and anxiety.

Valentine’s Day starts in the heart, yes it’s about love and it’s not just for love relationships, you have love around you and soulmates are always coming together, the people who matter the most in your life.

The word soulmate is a big word and trying to understand it can be extremely confusing, it basically represents a spiritual connection between two people, we have more than one that enter in our life in each lifetime and not all are romantic attachments.

There has been so much talk about what the definition is of a soulmate, and trying to recognize the differences is can be confusing and frustrating.

I’m currently in the process of writing my first book about Soulmates and Twin flames, the one thing that I have been asked numerous times is what is the difference between a soulmate, Twin flame and karmic connection.

A soulmate can be somebody who is very connected to you and it is not defined only as a romantic relationship, a soulmate is actually somebody who comes into your life and creates an impact. The one thing you can’t do is to go out and search for a specific soulmate, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Now the concept of twin flames is a little bit different, twins flame or a twin souls are actually soulmates but the type of soulmate that you only have one, twin flames will go through many lifetimes in order to try and connect with their twin, in some cases they do connect and some cases they don’t, it’s a 50/50 ratio that they actually do find each other and connect in a lifetime, some do and some don’t but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a twin flame is better than a soulmate.

Twin flames when they do meet in a lifetime will not connect at first and go through a series of negativities and chaos before they actually do find peace.

Twins flames are the relationships that are the most complicated but at the end of the day always connect and find each other.

For example Twin flames can go steady in their freshman year of high school and then separate for many years longing for that person and then find each other 25 years later in separate relationships but once they do find each other they know they are at home.

Or there can be a dramatic age difference, or live across the globe no matter what the obstacle is they will still be able to find each other no matter what.

over 4 years ago

Compatible soulmates are the kind of relationships that you have so much in common and it feels you have found your perfect friend, there’s no drama, there isn’t any negativity and is a very balanced type of connection, like a BFF.

Karmic connections, these types of relationships are the ones that you feel that intensity not necessarily like you do with the twin flame connection but there’s something very familiar about that person like you’ve known him/her before it feels like déjà vu whenever you’re around that person.

That is because they have been through a series of lifetimes coming in and out of relationships and they seem to always find each other at difficult and most troublesome times when they can actually supplement each other’s life.

The goal of the incarnation in this life or any other is your soul’s growth. Undoubtedly you will have many spiritual and non-spiritual relationships. And yes you will encounter many different types of soulmates, some romantic and some as family or friends.

Soulmates will come and go in lifetimes. They are here to help you learn lessons on the path towards reconnecting with your true spiritual destiny and the magic doesn’t just happen on Valentine’s Day, cupid can strike at any time of the year.

Your twin flame can also be a soulmate, teaching you a great deal about yourself and your place in the world.

Twinflames are split into two souls one usually being the chaser and the other being the runner, this is where the negativity and chaos can interfere with their ability to live in perfect harmony. The difference being that this is your energetic soul’s other half.

You can life time after life time searching for your twin flame, sometimes your twinflame may be the runner and you may be the chaser, you only have one twin flame that may or may not incarnate at the same time as you.

There is a thin line with this connection and deep intensity that is both beautiful and perfect that a relationship can be, sometimes a total opposite. Often can go through years with no communication.

There will be an area of mystery of why this person entered my life and the hope to reconnect some day when you enter in this life time.

With a Twin flame connection, you have to be brave and strong enough to be able to risk loving with your heart and soul and that there is also an experience of pain as well as joy.

People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, that you and your soulmate are automatically mutually in love and yes that’s what everyone wants.

There is always a struggle to get connect and find total peace, the person who actually opens your eyes and makes you see clearly on who you are and completes your spirit.

It is all about growth and synchronicities that can enable us on deeper spiritual levels.

If you are not with your soulmate or not yet found your soulmate on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be sad; you can spend it with your loved ones on Valentine’s day 2014 and find the Happiness and peace inside your heart.

Most people have misinterpreted the term Soul mate and they believe that there is only one type of soul mate and that we must search for throughout our whole life, which obviously is mistaken. Now that you understand a little more about what are the spiritual connections of soulmates and twinflames.

This Valentine’s day 2014 make it special, find someone who is a big part of your life whether it be spouse, child, relative or friend, find that special moment and try to make it last 365 days, not just on Valentine’s day.

Make the most of each day with true loved ones and watch positive changes happen in your love life, as you may have heard of the laws of attraction, filling your heart with positive energy will attract the most fulfilling emotion of all in your life “Love”.

over 4 years ago

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