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over 11 years ago
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Alan K’necht:

I’ve been talking up the internet and the web since 1995. During that time I’ve built many web sites, headed-up the development side for a Dot Com and written numerous articles and columns for various publications world-wide. On top of that, I’ve spoken at conferences throughout North America and even had the honour of delivering a key note in Sydney Australia.

Since, my early involvement in the web, I’ve managed to change hats as the industry has evolved to my current specialty of SEO, SEM and Web Analytics. During this entire time, my philosophy has remained the same, “what’s in it for the business”. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been able to last in the web industry while many have come and gone. So you can be sure, that my posts will focus heavily on things that help make the web a valuable business asset.

...The concept [of BitWine] is perfectly in line with the new Web 2.0 concept of a Mash-up (coming up with a good idea using API (application interface integration) with established web businesses) to develop it. In this case, they created a middle layer between Skype and PayPal.

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