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Spiritual message for 03 10 2017

11 months ago

We worship God with flowers, offer ritual adoration (puja) and pay obeisance. There is something sacred and superior than this! It is to offer God a pure mind and good conduct. This is called Paraa Bhakti. By worshiping God with puja and flowers, the spiritual aspirant remains stationary in their journey to God; failing to rise to a higher position is unwise. The worldly flowers always fade, lose fragrance and develop unpleasant odours. Instead of worshipping with worldly, impermanent flowers and receiving transient rewards from God, worship Him with what is lasting to attain a much higher stage. The first flower to offer God is non-violence (ahimsa). The second is control of senses (dhama). The third is compassion to all living beings (daya). The fourth is forbearance (kshama). The fifth is peace (shanti). The sixth is tapas (penance). The seventh is meditation (Dhyana). And the eighth is the flower of Truth