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Spiritual message for 01 10 2017

9 months ago

You can redeem your life only when you understand wherefrom you came, your role presently and your destination. To accomplish this, first learn the righteous usage of your sense organs (Indriyas). For instance, consider your nostrils. They are designed to be used to breathe and smell objects and discard that is foul-smelling. Did you ever realise that the respiratory process also conveys a significant spiritual message when you inhale and exhale air every second? It contains the precious mantra, ‘So-hum’, which is called Hamsa Gayatri and is the essence of non-dualism (Advaita). So-Ham should remind you the message of identity between God (So) and you (Aham). Why do you forget this and instead of using your nose for sacred goals, use it to take snuff? By abusing, you make it the root-cause of various respiratory diseases. Most ailments people suffer today are due to the use of sense organs for improper purposes. Hence, recognise the critical role of the senses and use them righteously.