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Spiritual message for 28 09 2017

9 months ago

The command of the Vedas, “Matru devo bhava; Pitru devo bhava (May the mother be your God; may the father be your God)”, is repeated ad nauseum today, but, there is no sign of reverence towards the parents anywhere. A generation that does not respect and foster its parents is bound to end in disaster. Parents suffer great hardships and deny various comforts for themselves in order to put their children through school and college, but the children are ungrateful; they taunt and tease, they cause mental pain and physical hunger to their parents by ridiculing their habits and attitudes, and dismissing their advice with neglect. When the creators of your physical equipment and mental make-up are thus treated with sacrilege, how can one expect you to adore the Creator of the Universe, the God who provides for all? Honour your parents, so that your children learn to honour you.