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Spiritual message for 22 09 2017

about 1 year ago

Amongst all forms of spiritual practices, devotion or Bhakti is the easiest and holiest. Bhakti is derived from the root ‘Bhaj’, with the suffix ‘ti.’ It denotes a feeling of friendship coupled with awe. For someone who is a product of the attributes or gunas, to understand what transcends the gunas, an attitude of humility and reverence is required. Bhakti calls for utilising the mind, speech and body to worship the Lord. It represents total love. Devotion and love are inseparable and interdependent. Sage Narada declared that worshipping the Lord with boundless love is Bhakti. Vyasa held that it is performing worship with love and adoration. Sage Garga declared that it is serving the Lord with purity of mind, speech and body. Yajnavalkya held that true Bhakti consists in controlling the mind, turning it inwards and enjoying the bliss of communion with the Divine. Although many sages have expressed different views about the nature of Bhakti, the basic characteristic of devotion is Love. Bhakti is the path to salvation.