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Spiritual message for 15 09 2017

10 months ago

A man sees a ripe fruit on a tree. The mind craves for the fruit, but it cannot fulfil the craving by itself. The feet take him near the tree. The trunk stoops, the hand picks up a stone, the shoulders throw it at the fruit which then falls. The fruit has to be picked up by the fingers, transferred into the mouth, the teeth have to bite into it, masticate it well and the tongue has to take charge to make it reach the stomach. The eating part is thus over. But that does not end the story of the craving for the fruit. Since so many instruments cooperated in the fulfilment, gratitude has to be rendered to each of them. So the stomach sends strength and satisfaction to every limb that shared in the adventure. Every limb acts effectively, promptly and performs its entrusted duty, so your body may live in health and efficiency, alert with all its skills and potentialities. This is true also of the enterprises that you undertake with others. Everyone must resolve to use their full skill and intelligence to discharge their obligations.