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Spiritual message for 13 09 2017

about 1 year ago

Consider this loudspeaker which has the power to broadcast sound. Someone must have produced it, isn’t it? Who could have created it? Someone with the knowledge and skill to produce such a device. They may not be visible to you, but they exist, perhaps in Germany or Switzerland or Japan. Similarly for everything you enjoy in daily life, be it the television or the watch or any other gadget, there is a creator. But we are also seeing objects which are beyond human capacity. The sky, the stars that twinkle, the Sun and the Moon which illumine the world! Can any ordinary person create these? The supreme power which has the capacity to create such marvellous things has been described by the Vedas as Aprameya, which means, One who is beyond all proofs and all limitations. God cannot be described in words. Your primary objective must be to seek to understand this Infinite Power.